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Home Charging Stations

Improving EV Experience

Receive Top-Notch EV Charger Installation Services

We’re excited to help you experience the convenience of charging your EV at home. From Tesla to Ford, Rivian to BMW, New Phase Electric has the experience and knowledge needed to provide the best home charging system for you. We’ve been keeping up to date with electric vehicles as the market has grown. We know which home charging systems are most reliable and user friendly. With firsthand expertise and an industry leading warranty, we’re here to keep you fully charged.

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Why Install a Home Charging Station?

Owning an EV can be frustrating if you’re always having to sit at public charging stations or relying on charging from an ordinary household outlet that can take days to fully charge your car. On the the other hand, EV ownership can be a great experience if you have the correct Level 2 charging setup at home.

Here’s how they compare:

  • LEVEL 1 (120 volt)
    Takes: 24+ Hours for a full charge. A mostly full battery can be maintained, but it can’t keep up with daily use. Not a good long term solution.
  • LEVEL 2 (240 volt)
    Takes: 6-12 Hours for a full charge. Fully charge every night and start each day with a full battery. You can also take advantage of time of use rates and save money by charging your EV only at night. Level 2 is the right setup for an ideal EV ownership experience. See Level 2 Charging Guide for more details.
  • LEVEL 3 (Public DC fast charging)
    Takes: 15-45 Minutes for a full charge. Great for road trips, but tedious and expensive when using on a regular basis. Save time and money by charging at home.

Work with a Skilled Team Who Is Licensed and Insured

Obtain dependable and secure solutions from a licensed electrician serving Sparks, NV and Northern Nevada.

Professional EV Home Charger Installation Service

#1 EV Home Charger Installation Company

New Phase Electric is the only electrician in Northern Nevada that focuses solely on EV charger installation. We have a reputation for being a professional and trustworthy EV Charger Installation service provider. We’ve installed over 100 EV chargers in Northern Nevada. Over time we’ve learned a lot about various brands of EVs and various brands of EV chargers. We can bring our experience and expertise to your project. In order to offer our customers excellent craftsmanship at a great value, we use only the best quality tools and materials. Each project is performed by a licensed electrician, not a laborer. This ensures high quality standards and enables us to off an industry leading 5 year warranty on all EV charger installations. Give us a call today!